Why Make A Blog
Matthew Burke
Matthew Burke
1 min read


Does the world need another blog?

Short answer, no. There are enough smart, experienced people out there writing blogs about data science and the next greatest thing, and we all know there are more than enough opinions on the internet.

Then why make this blog?

This blog is mostly for myself (but I’m glad you’re here if you’re reading this), because I wanted a structured way to motivate myself to pick up new skills, do interesting projects and hopefully share what I’ve learned with others.

What is it running on?

I’m using Jekyll to generate the site and am hosting it on Github Pages, since it is a great (read: free) way to host websites and it integrates directly with Jekyll. Once you’ve set up your website framework and configurations, all you need to do to add posts is create a Markdown file for it, rebuild the site and push it to your repo.

I actually migrated from my original theme that can be found here and switched to the oh so simple jekyll theme.

I’m not a web developer soooo please bear with any issues you may discover and feel free to let me know what I can do to improve!

Will I think up a paragraph title that’s not a question?

We can only hope.