My Intro to Generative Art
Matthew Burke
Matthew Burke
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What is generative art?

Generative art is procedurally generated art for those of us who are less traditionally artistically inclined. More specifically, those who have no skill but still have enough appreciation for art and mathematical principles to automate the creation of things that look snice.

Javascript Libraries

The go-to library for web-based mathematical visualization is d3, and many visualization libraries are based upon it. However, recently I stumbled across processing, and it’s javascript equivalent p5js, which are amazing for creating procedurally generated visualizations. It’s inherently build to support an initialization process with the setup function and a function to update the visualization frame-by-frame with the draw function.

It’s easy to pick up and get going and create something really quickly, and it’s only been a few days since I’ve heard about it, and I’ve already had tons of fun learning the API and using the basics to create some “art” I’m happy with. I highly encourage you to check it out and maybe some of the stuff I’ve made recently at my interactive generative art website.

If you are too lazy to click on the link, here’s a few examples of the static visualizations as well as the one in the post header.